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bluebytes launches ProPR- the first totally integrated media monitoring and analysis platform for PR and Communications

Let’s face it, the growing challenge a PR and Communication professional faces today is not able to devote enough time for building communication strategies and implementing them. What with 70% of the time spent in preparing reports, updating the client on media intelligence, analysing the media coverage and the most important- showcasing the effort put in by them, there is no time to play the role of a consultant.

Its a catch 20 situation- not able to consult the client dimishes the role of the PR professionals and reduces them to mere news dissiminators. On the other hand not showcasing the effort will lead to questions on ROI.

This is what the ProPR service launched by bluebytes is aimed at.

ProPR – sharp tools for effective communication, not only provides ready reports but also insights into the communication effectiveness. For the first time the users get a seamless integration with their daily news updates, search, analysis and reports.

The services under ProPR platform are:

Rooster- daily email news update service

ProSearch- web based news search, research and with news filter

ProAnalytics- web based automated real time analysis, with qualitiative analysis

ProCompare- web based automated real time share of voice analysis

ProReport- web based automated real time reports which include qualitative AVE

The ProPR  is a technology enabled platform which gives seamless single access to all the services.  Apart from this the users are in complete control to qualify their news through any service which immediately gets reflected across all the services.

Analyzing Key Messages and Categories form a unique offering within ProPR. PR professionals will know the difficulty and pain to prove their effort of getting the Key Messages in the news, with ProPR these are automated reports which are available at a click of a button.

To get more information on ProPR write to

Piyush Jain,

Business Head at Blue Bytes News Pvt Ltd


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